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PPSCV Image Competition Entry Details

How do I enter?

Keep an eye on the PPSCV Calendar for Image Competition dates as they are scheduled.
Competitions and deadlines for entry will also be announced to our email subscribers, and through the PPSCV group
 and PPSCV Facebook Group pages.

Images are due by midnight the Sunday before the competition, unless otherwise stated. Make sure you give yourself enough time, images need to be submitted in advance, and submitting images early avoids those inconvenient technical issues that can pop up at the last moment.

1. Select the images you want to enter.
The competition announcement will detail how many images an entrant may submit, typically 3-5 images per entrant. Images don’t have to be perfect, but be prepared to be alerted to flaws by the judges, so check your image against the 12 Elements of a Merit Image. Maybe there is some cropping or other enhancement that you can improve on for some of the elements. 

If you think the image itself is ready to submit, consider improving the image presentation. For print images this is done by matting, for digital images presentation can be improved by adding a border to create a digital mat effect. 
For information on adding borders, see these tutorials [
Link 1Link 2.]
Remember to maintain the final image dimensions within the competition requirements for Image File Formatting.|

2. Select the Category for each image.
Refer to the PPSCV Image Competition Categories for the possible categories for an image, including portraits, landscapes, events, and artistic imaging.
Pick the category that best matches your subject and preparation.
Image categories for a competition may include: portraits; landscapes; events; artistic imaging.
Non-member images and special categories may be included.

3. Select the judging priority for each image.
If an image competition has too many entries to review in the time available, some images may be dropped from the competition. 
So you can decide which images might be dropped, prioritize your images according to how much you want them to be judged, from 1 (top priority - most important to be judged) to 5 (bottom priority - least important to be judged). 

The priority number will be a part of the filename when you submit.

Any images dropped from a competition will remain eligible for re-submission in a future competition.

4. Save the images in the required digital image format
PPSCV Image Competition requires a specific digital image format for submitted files. 
Refer to the Digital Image File Formatting specifications.

Images that do not meet the image format requirements may be rejected by the Image Competition Chairperson.


5. Rename the image files in the required naming format
PPSCV Image Competition submissions require a specific digital image file naming format. 
Refer to the digital image file name format specifications here.

Images that do not meet the image format requirements may be rejected by the Image Competition Chairperson.

6. Submit the images 
Properly formatted and named images can be submitted to the competition by attaching the image files to an email sent to the PPSCV Image Competition email address:
Separate emails with single or multiple attachments are acceptable.

The email must include the maker’s name and telephone number.

Pre-submission checklist:

  • Is the image formatted to the correct resolution (including any border)?
  • Did I specify the image judging priority?
  • Is the image filename in the correct format?
  • Does my email submission include my name and phone number?

If your image submission does not meet the requirements, you should receive a courtesy notification if there is sufficient time before the submission deadline.
Note: it is the entrant's responsibility to meet the requirements as listed. For any questions or concerns, contact the Image Competition committee at the email

Spot a mistake or change your mind and want to switch an image? Just re-send by the deadline.

7. Attend the competition - good luck and have fun!

PPSCV Image Competition is intended to be an in-person event held as several times a year at our regular meeting place.

During the Covid-19 restrictions we will run the meeting as a virtual meeting online.
The online meeting details will be distributed prior to the meeting.