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Digital Image File Formatting

PPSCV Image Competition requires a specific digital image format and file name for submitted image files, as detailed below: 

Images that do not meet the image format or file naming requirements may be rejected by the Image Competition Chairperson.

Save the image file with the following image format:
  1. File Type: JPEG highest quality (88 or more is adequate for quality high viewing).
    File types of .jpg or .jpeg are acceptable, capitalisation not important.
  2. Color space: Each file should contain an embedded color profile of either sRGB or Adobe RGB1998.
  3. Dimensions: No more than 4000 pixels on the longest dimension, including any presentation border.
    For competition display, images may be rescaled by Adobe LightRoom or other programs to 1920 x 1080 resolution.
  4. File size: The final file size of an image should be less than 5MB.
    Image file size can be reduced by reducing JPEG quality when saving.

Name the image files in the required naming format:
Include the following identifiers in the image filename, each separated by an underscore character (_). 
        Identifier                                  Example Category Letter  A Maker Name, first + last  David Bailey Caption (alphanumeric)  Self Portrait Priority  1
Capitalization of words in the caption is at the maker’s discretion. 
Image file metadata is not considered. Use only letters, numbers and spaces.  Avoid the following special characters ’  “ + \ /  ?    Here are examples of correctly formatted entries:
D_Ansel Adams_Yosemite Zone Magic_1.jpg A_Peter Hurley_Actors Headshot_2.jpg D_Cartier Bresson_ Decisive moment _3.jpeg B_Dorothy Lange_Dust bowl mom _4.JPG C_Cecil Beaton_Another Royal Wedding_5.JPEG N_John Doe_My First Competition_1.jpg